I’ll say this about that girl though, atleast she told me the fuckin’ truth.

But seriously, you go into a store, and you see something wrapped, mostly because it’s book and an extra, that doesn’t have it’s own ISBN number, so we can’t sell it, if we find it lying around, you probably shouldn’t be opening it!!

These kids are lazy, mom’s shopping, and there’s the next book I need to read in the series.. well, I guess I can open it, because I’m special! And for a moment, I let her continue, then I just took it away, because, why the hell should I let her get away with it?!

I’ve been a bit more forceful with these slackers lately, if they’re just sitting there, I tell them to move it, and that they should be reading this shit for free, and you know what, I’ve learned, that they actually leave! Good god, why didn’t I think of this before?!