It’s really astonishing, that I’ve been drawing this comic for one year, I may have faltered on not covering a few days, but I think I’ve reached some sort of milestone in the Odyssey.

And really, I just want to thank a whole boatload of people, first off, I really can’t thank my good friend Pranas enough, when he started up Inkdick, it really lit a fire under my ass to get back on daily comics again, and to really bring it to a new level. I’d be lying if I said alot of things he’s done hadn’t influenced me in anyway. And I know that he’s always give me an honest critique on my work.

Secondly, I have to thank the late Jeremy ‘Sweetwater’ Mullins, because without his help, this website wouldnt look half as cool as it does today. I probably would have given up and went on comics genesis or drunk duck or some shitty host. He really pushed me to have my own website and really give it my own personal touch. I only wished he could have still been around, I surely would have bought him a beer for all he’s done.

And really, I can’t do the daily odyssey without all the crazy motherfuckers I come into contact with, or else it’d be just about me sitting around all day. So, Thank you:

Brannon, Rashad, Marion, Josh, Greg, Pranas, Amy, Knickerbocker, Bullett, Andrew, Burkhalter, Jarret, BigJosh, Ricky, Kell, Jose, Wheeler, Jon-Erik, Martyn, David Duncan, Joey Weiser, John, Dave, Dana, Brad, Kirstin, Birdie, Matt Johnson, Matt, Melanie, Dave Bednar, Mike, Jason, Marrisa, Chemise, DJ, Mom, Dad, Katie, and um, if I forgot anyone.. um, thank you!!

And thanks to the fans, I probably wouldn’t still bedoing this if I didn’t have such a cool following!

Here’s for… 15 more days until i start Brightleaf, Woohoo!