Howdy loyal adventurers! Next week I’ll be heading up to Baltimore, Maryland to visit Otakon, the biggest Anime Convention on the east coast, and I’m going to be tabling there. The only problem is that I need money to make prints! Also to eat and survive. So I’m in need a of a little bit of cash within the next week.

So here’s the skinny! If you want to help the Odyssey get to Otakon, simply commission me for an ink or sketch drawing! It’s 10$ for a Sketch and 20$ for Inks, price may vary on how many characters or detail you need in it, but that’s the basics.

Also, I’m looking for requests of what you’d like to see sold as prints when I’m at Otakon, because I might start selling the popular strips online if they get enough love.

So, drop me a line at for more information if you’re interested!