Yeah, I mean, how could somebody take such an original idea, eh?

So apparently DRAWN by Kevin has elected to take the incriminating evidence down, and I’ll tell you, the first comic was a literal rip from my May 20th, 2009 comic, it was pretty bad. Though atleast now his style seems to have evolved a little so it doesn’t completely look like a carbon copy of my strip.

I’ve tweeted with the little fellow since then, and he’s a big fan, but still, it’s not something you do to a fellow cartoonist!

I’d still encourage him to learn to get your pencils, and inks and sense of black placement down before you start trying to wow the internet with your photoshop skills. A lil’ tip from Uncle Brett!

But as infuriated as I got, it was soon replaced with a wonderful feeling of flattery. I mean, if somebody’s copying my work, that has to mean I’ve been doing something right, eh?!

What good/bad day!