Monday, Jeremy Wade Mullins found his final resting place.

It was a very heavy day, so many emotions happening all at once, I’m not sure I can fully descibe how I felt, just that I needed it all to happen.

At first, I didn’t expect Jeremy’s family being there, expecting it to be SCAD-run, but it was much more casual than that. And what was really beautiful was how many people showed up. So many lined up by a gazebo nestled between a parking lot and the dunes on Tybee Island. I say well over a hundred people were there, minutes after we showed up.

Then, everyone took turns telling their favorite stories about Jeremy, and how it defined who he was. I saw so many sides of jeremy I never knew before, and it really touched me. My only regret is that I didn’t stand up to tell my story, because I knew I probably would have broke down in the middle of it. It wasn’t the downer I was expecting, it was very uplifting, rather, to remember the best times of Jeremy, our friend, and in many ways, our hero.

Though, when it came to spreading the ashes into the ocean, it struck me like a dagger in my heart. It’s real. That right there, is all that remains of him physically, he’s not coming back. Ever. And at the same time I noticed children playing in the surf not more than 20 feet away, and so much emotion welled up inside me, and I had to let it out. It felt so very bittersweet.I felt that I think I’ve finally found closure, and that I can move on.

We all loved you Jeremy, we always will.