So we recorded a new SEQALAB today, the awesome comics podcast the Sequential department of SCAD puts out. But before that, Jeremy “Sweetwater” Mullins, the main man in charge of the podcast wanted to lay down some ground rules, since he’d been away in Lacoste for the past 5 months.

To be fair, we let SEQALAB get pretty lax while Kevin and Jarrett ran the show, and I could see Jeremy’s take that we’re going to have to keep on topic, and keep things in line. But there was a definite split between the cast at the meeting, alot of people were either all for the structure or several who were really pissed that their freedom to be themselves might be stripped away.

Either way, it was a tense recording session, but I think as the weeks go on everybody will loosen up and learn to live with the new rules.

LISTEN TO SEQALAB DAMMIT! Go on iTunes and seek it out!!