You know, it was only for like an hour… but I think I’ve been on an upswing since then…

Tell you what, if I wake up tommorrow morning, then I’ll be super concerned, but this sickness is probably the shittiest sickness in the history of my sicknesses (barring the whole “prancreatitis that nearly killed me when I was ten and scarred me for life” thing).

I mean, I was under the impression that I conquerred allergies this year, seeing as I lasted pretty well without medicine for the first week I saw pollen all over the place, but then life through me a curveball and I’m coughing, sniffling and tearing up all over over the place, right when I’m trying to get all these comics done for FLUKE and gragh.

THEN I get a cold, yippee skippy! I love trying to hang out with my friends when Im constantly trying to blow my nose and coughing and sneezing and looking like I’M COMPLETELY STONED to any random stranger I pass by.

I take such offense to that. I’m not stoned at all… yet.