Okay, so I enjoyed the Watchmen, but on a whole, I didn’t like it. The first act was amazing, I thought, Rorshach, Night Owl and Dr. Manhattan were pitch-perfect, the Silk Spectre though… who’d she screw to get the part? That was some god awful acting for a role that needed a little more subtlety.

My biggest complaint isn’t even the change to the ending, which I felt fit perfectly, and could have been pretty much interchangable with the book. What I thought really took me out of the movie was the soundtrack, yes, the ham-fisted over-the-top soundtrack, that, while thematically fit, did not fit the emotion of the movie at all. Okay, you play some nice complacent music ironically while the Comedian gets his ass kicked, but that should be the end of it. Argh.

To me, I felt Zach Snyder was trying way to hard to situate on the blood, gore and sex, and not enough on the character development (no, the 5 minute long sex scene doesn’t count as development). Though, all in all, I have to say, the first half of the movie, definetely top notch work, but, the second half just somehow goes into a completely different area and loses me.

But my true fear is how many people are going to vehemently defend the movie when I tell them that I wasn’t all that into it. Because I know several people at SEQALAB are going to be pretty crazy! More on that tommorrow, after I experience it.