Most of the day was spent editing SEQALAB, but I really, really, really couldn’t find a way to make editing a podcast into an interesting comic, so thank goodness for Kevin Burkhalter and his amazerific dvd collection! I’ve really come to ove Curb Your Enthusiasm, and now I have an exscuse to buy the dvds!

Onto podcasting, though, after having to listen to each interview like, one hundred times, I got really fed up with my own voice, or lack thereof. While I was pretty much a “Co-host” I had to keep raising my levels so my voice didn’t get completely trampled by Pranas and Dave’s, who I have to say, are enthusiast and eloquant motherfuckers.

So I pretty much learned how I have pretty much little to no confidence with my speaking voice on the podcast, and I’ve got to find a way to remedy that. Even when I was recording tracking for the cut off in the episodes, my voice was so low! So, starting this week, Brett’s going to be work on getting those pipes working a little better. It will be a new era in SEQALAB!…. I hope.