So, The Zine Fair, eh?

Well, I’ve spent pretty much 100% of my night cutting, folding and stapling minicomics, except for that half-hour when I passed out. So I’ve put alot into the preparation, I had put together small price chart for anyone curious, and I’d already made a giant “Brain Seed Studios” sign to catch people’s eyes. Which worked pretty well, I think. The only thing I was really cross about was that as I set the podcast equipment up, Dave Wheeler set up right next to it! Which is sort of where I was hoping to be. And since I was manning the podcast, I had to get up everytime somebody was looking at my stuff and had to make a sales pitch.

Now, I don’t mean to be a sour puss, but I was trying to push some fairly new stuff, and Dave had printed up stuff he did for class a year ago, well, and a posted he made a few days before, but I felt I needed that face time with the crowd. And I was pretty busy getting interviews and watching the computer, so I couldn’t always get up. But whatever, I’m splitting hairs at this point.

We were extremely fortunate to have the fair land on SCAD Day, which is when students from high school, and their parents visit the school to see what it’s all about. So, the student center was PACKED at peak times with curious high schoolers, and somewhat dissaproving parents. Some of the zine tables arent exactly the most cleanest of material.

And the podcast went off without a hitch! We got plenty of interviews with the fair’s several participants, though no casual bistanders, which is what I was hoping for. Oh well! Much thanks to anyone who participated! HUGE HUGE Thanks to Dave Wheeler and Pranas for being the best co-hosts in the universe. To be honest, I was pretty quiet, so they carried alot of the show.

Now, though, I must shoulder the great burden of editing this monster! Check it out, monday at SEQALAB!