Obscure video game joke title for the win!

Anyhow, It’s a little late in the night to be waxing poetic about the freedom I’ve failed to take full advantage of in my youth, so I figure I’ll plug the book I was reading:

As a fan of Biographical Comics, this one was an absolute treat to randomly find while cleaning the shelves in the Graphic Novel section. I’ve been a huge fan of Guy Delisle’s travelouge comics, and to see such a lucid view of human life in manga style is extremely rare. So, even though I was on the clock, I read the summary of the book and bought it instantly. I don’t have a large amount of cash, but I completely ignored the cost, I HAD to read it!

Okay, so basically it’s about a well-known manga artist in Japan and his despondent adventures through the hard times in his life. The part I’ve only gotten up to is where he basically can’t stand the pressure of work anymore, and simply walks out of his job, and quits all his freelance gigs. And then finally, he just becomes homeless. Which, is just completely fascinating to me, a man just abandoning it all. You watch as he slowly adapts to the homeless lifestyle, nabbibing unfinished cigarette buts from bus stations, and finding perfectly good food in the garbage, and even finding new blankets to keep him warm at night. I suppose it could also be a manual for dumpster diving.

Anyhow, the book has been an amazing read so far, and I’ve been taking it slow, because I really want to enjoy it. I can’t recommend this book enough. I’ll probably do a must read of it in a coming SEQALAB episode or something.