I sure do love drawing boobies! I hope I didn’t make them too big, apologies Marion! (Ah, it’s fun being a mysoginist!) So the question is: Honest mistake, or ingenius ploy to get into my comic?!

Anyhow, a little update on living situations: I still have no freaking clue where I want to go, but I seem to be making more plans that make sense. Man, fuck this freedom stuff, it make things so much harder to decide!

Okay, so here’s my plans, in some random order:

1- Stay in Savannah, live with Brannon/Marion/Mysterious Fourth Person, at a place that’s super cheap and an extremely convenient location. It’s within 100ft of a bank, gas station, supermarket, several fast food places, movie theatre, etc. And it’d be closer to my current job, so I’d save on gas and still be able to hang out with my friends in Savannah in the comic scene who I’ve grown very close to. Also, I love participating with SEQALAB, which also helps out with the comic.

2- Return home to Long Island, Where, I get free room and board. I’ll be a 2 hour train ride from New York City, which is a terribly huge plus. Though I have a terrible fear of stagnation, home always seems to do that too me. Probably because of a lack of true dedicated workspace. If I move back, I’ll have to make some serious changes.

3-Mystery Upstate House Option, I’ve got some friends I know online pretty well for a couple of years that are going to be moving in a few months, and they need a third roomate. The live up in Schenectady, NY, which is a little bit above Albany. Small town, though it sounds comfortable enough to set up a nice studio space. And not living with complete strangers helps. Also, I’d still be in New York, so city visits are still viable.

All three locations will allow me to keep my job/transfer to a new store within a ten minute drive. So, with whatever I do, I should be able to atleast keep a steady income. So, really, it sort of just boils down to preference.

Living at home will keep me financially secure, but I may suffer artistically. Staying in Savannah will keep the juices flowing with what I’ve got now, and money will be a little looser, but I’ll still be pretty much throwing money in a pit. And Schenectedy, well, that’s just for the sake of trying something new, so we’ll see in time.

…I pray Mid-May never comes. This is a scary desicion…