You know, it just hit me, what kind of music do you guys listen to when you draw? I love freakin’ epic videogame soundtracks. While drawing most of this I had Metal Gear Solid 4 playing in the background, and Im telling you that stuff gets you pumped! Especially when drawing robots (OH MAN I LOVE ROBOTS).

Anywho, yeah, huuuge change up at Barnes & Noble, since Jill’s been the main overlord for the longest time.I don’t normally like to talk about my managers, but since she’s leaving, I can finally speak out with peace of mind!

She’s apparently moving on to greener pastures (so she can turn them black with her stare), so good for her, but man, this new guy couldn’t be more personally and easy to get along with! Whether or not this guy can run our store better has yet to be said, but I already like him a hell of a lot more, and that speaks volumes about the guy.

Now, you might be thinking I’m overreacting portraying my Ex-Manager as HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but my friend, you have never had a conversation with the woman. She is terribly cold and impersonable, epsecially if you worked right under her. There’s just an emotionless tone she gets when telling you what to do, or if you did anything wrong (God help you if you did something wrong with her around). She knew how to rule with by psyching you the fuck out!

But thankfully, those days are over, I love having Johnny 5 is my boss! I hope he goes to radioshack and gets all those badass accesories and kicks terrible customers in the ASS. I just hope he leaves the goofy pop culture references at home.