That alfredo sauce was delicious. I should get into cooking more often! Actually putting the ingredients together and making something that tasted delicious really brightened my day.

I don’t know what set off that chain of “Oh god Im useless and nobody will ever love me” thoughts, but I suppose its because it’s been escpecially nagging as of late, due to the holidays and all that.

Its just hard to get out and meet new people when all you do is work and stay in and draw, and occassionally go out with friends, and it’s just sort of gotten to me. I’m a twenty-two year old virgin who’s had little to no experience in the dating world. I mean, read that sentence, if it doesnt depress you, then I’d like the pills you’re taking.

But, occassionally I’ll have a good enough day to chase away those depressing thoughts. Its these days, filled with small victories that really make life worth living. Oh, and masturbating. Lots, and lots of masturbating.