Yeah, yeah, I know, there’s better comics at Marvel/DC to choose from and all that, but reading this book, Ultimate Power summed up pretty all the reasons why I dislike most mainstream comics. Incoprehensible plot, tired wooden characters that you’d need ten back issues understand their current predicament, and shitty, shitty art.

Greg Land just astounds me, I remember going back to Ultimate Fantastic 4 issues 7-12 , when they were written by Warren Ellis and draw by Stuart Immonen, and I was in LOVE with the books fresh take on the characters… then they ditch that marvel dream team, and bring in whoever and Greg Land. I wept for days. Such a great book struck down so early in its prime…

Greg Land, with art so stale, so uninteresting in layout and design, that my eyes will slide right off the page, as if it were coated in teflon!

Why do I hate this artist so much? Could it be that he’s a terrible fucking tracer? Going so far as to trace porn stars?

This is probably one of the few times you’ll ever see me bitch about comics like this.. but damn. It needed to be said!