This is fast becoming “The Barnes and Noble Odyssey”, but I’m sure cool things will happen when I’m not at work soon.

But anywho, Barnes & Noble seems to have this small problem, people will just sitting down and read books for hours on end, then not buy them, this is a huge problem, especially in the comic book section.

Which is what this douchebag was doing. The guy had he’s feet up, shoes off and was just kicking back with a literal PILE of graphic novels right next to his chair (we have these comfy chair scattered around the store) for a good 3 hours, and he’d been there since I came in at 6, so god knows how long he’d been there before.
So then, he just gets up and leaves, and his trash stays behind. I give him the benefit of the doubt and leave his stuff alone, until you know, enough is enough. After cleaning it up, I run into him and he gives me crap (it’s just plain creepy to call the employees by their name), so I tell the manager, and she gets him the food I threw out and everything’s cool, cause it’s not like I did anything wrong.
THEN he asks us to get the books we put back, and doesnt even read them.
Please do not be this man when you go into a bookstore. Please?