Mario Marathon 4!

This weekend is the fourth Mario Marathon! Donate to support the Childs Play Charity! I’ve even helped out by creating a poster that they’ll be raffling off sometime this weekend. And here it is:

Enjoy the marathon. And keep donating, it’s for the kids!

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Brightleaf Redesign

Been feeling general malaise on the Brightleaf Project for some time, You may have guessed at the absurd lack of updates.

So, I felt the need to inject some energy into it in the form of character designs. Something always felt off with the pudginess with Brightleaf’s original design,  and when draw poses something never quite clicked in my brain.
I’ve had ideas to create Brightleaf as something of an action comic as well as adventure, and to have this little doughy guy be the main hero would be cute and fun I need to spruce up the design a little. Simplify things a little more, and general just go lanky:
I hope you enjoy the new look!

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Brightleaf – Workin’ On It.

I’m woring on some new Brightleaf pages, here’s a few few characters I’ve created for future story wackiness. Expect new pages early november!

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Napping Corgi

My friend had gone off to a wedding with the family, so him and his mother’s dogs were stuck with his girlfriend this weekend and she brought them over to hang out!!

Of course, I came over a little early and they were out, so I got to chill with Ein, the corgi for a bit. And for once in his life he was actually tired, so I had ample chance to sketch him! What a good dog!

Click for Larger Adorableness

I’ll never see that stoicness ever again.

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New Pokemon leaked through the internet like some sort of sick virus yesterday, so here’s my pick of the litter. #558, Iwaparesu the Bug/Rock CakeCrab:

Thanks Nintendo!

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Venture Forth Recklessly!

Attempted to work on my action pose chops. They chopped well I assume.

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Randall Rowser

Hey everyone, just got back from SPX and I can’t thank everyone enough for being so awesome! Great to see old friends again! And hey, alot of great people were interested in my comics, so that helped too!

Here’s a little Ink-doodle I did of a character from Venture Forth! the comic I will always be working on silently in the background.

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Come on down to Bethesda for SPX!

Hey everyone, I’ll be sharing a table with my good friend Pranas this year at SPX! Otherwise known as the Small Press Expo in Bethesda Maryland, From the 10th-12th. So that’s this weekend!

We’ll be in the ballroom of the Marriott Bethesda North Hotel & Conference Center, which is at:
5701 Marinelli Road.
North Bethesda, MD 20852

Find me here:

Click to Enlarginate!

I’ll be debuting two new books, first of them, Brightleaf: Chapter 1:

Wow! What a steal!

And Shaman-Man Pays His Taxes:

Holy Moly!!

That’s all for now, see you all there!

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The Savage Squiddles Art Dump!

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve assisted the great Slunk in creating a wonderful animation for the wonderful Squiddles Animation on the Squiddles Album! The full animation is currently availible as a bonus when you purchase the full album!

I do contribute lots to MSPaint Adventures‘ awesome animations, but this is the first time I get paid for it! I hope you guys are interested in it, cause alot of blood, sweat and ink went into it!

Anyway, here’s some of what I put together for the animation, most weren’t used in the final animation, and some were in the trailer (which you can view here!):

First Mate Tentahooks Design

Granpa Squiddle Design

Billy the Bellsuit Diver

Random Friend Designs

The Infamous Triple Tangle

Captain Plumbthroat's Crew Designs

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Sci-Fi VS Fantasy

Ginger casts a cool spell! (She hopes):

Also some Storm-Troopers from the 501st Legion showed up at my job today to promote a Clone Wars books, and they were super awesome, and I was so inspired I inked this on my lunchbreak:

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